The route of 100 miles is divided into two parts, which clearly stand out from each other.

First part (it is also a 40-mile loop) – this is a route that leads through the region of the Beskid Islands, which is famous for fruit orchards, beautifully blooming in the May days.

100 mile (first part of the route is the same as the 40 mile race)

At the beginning, the runners will follow the gentle hills along Łacko w, where a piece in front of the center of Łącko, we go off the trail and run towards the Zyndrama mountain (control and nutrition point) – this part of the route mostly leads by narrow tarmac roads, a bit beaten by the road. From the top of Zyndrama, we reach the tarmac road to Szczereja and Czarny Potok, where we climb a small hill in the Black Forest and run towards Kicznia. From there, the forest and some tarmac run to Jastrzębie, where in the part of the route we join the green trail going towards Łukowica (control and nutritional point). After a warm meal, head up towards Pępówka and Łyżka along the green trail, until the bifurcation of trails in Siekierczyn, where we pass blue and run to the nutrition and control point in Siekierczyn. Eaten, drinks blue along the trail, we climb to the Golc Mountain, and then, still running along the blue trail, we reach the fork of the trails on the Ostra massif. There we turn right onto the green trail and fly through Jeżowa Woda to Ostrów, cross mountain pass below Ostą and then continue along the green trail to Cichoń and to the point in Zalesie. For a 40-mile route – this is the finish line, for the 100-mile route it is a control and nutritional point with a warm meal. This is also point 1 of the two bots prepared for 100-mile route competitors. In this section, the tarmac will be around 40% of the route (mainly in the form of narrow, small roads).

From the control point in Zalesie, we run towards Dzieliec, and from there to the Swierczek hill. Less than 500 meters after escaping from Świerczka on the yellow route, which leads through an tarmac road, turn left to the piste at Łopień and here there will be another control and feeding point. From the point up and trach we run after Łopień. From Łopień, we follow the path of Jan Paweł II to Jurków (a rather difficult confluence, so beware)

In Jurkow, there will be a check-out point with a warm meal waiting for you. From there, the blue trail goes straight to Ćwilin and from it a yellow trail to Mszana Dolna, where there will be another control and nutritional point. Here we join the green trail that goes towards the Ogorzał and Ostra mountains (yes, on the route we have two mountains: Ostre !!!). From there, continue along the green trail towards Jasień. From Jasnia, we follow the yellow trail to the top of Krzyston, from where we converge the green trail down the trail and after a few hundred meters we turn right onto the slope leading to Półrzeczek. Reaching the main road in Półrzeczki, turn left and run a bit of the tarmac and after some time turn right and climb to the top of Kiczorka, from where we run straight to the point to Jurków, where you will be able to replenish your energy.

From Jurkow we run to Mogielica on the blue trail, and from Mogielica the finish will be varied – you will be satisfied 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

On the second leg of the route, the tarmac will be around 20-25% of the route

There will be several checkpoints on the route, where judges will be waiting for you, who will write down the numbers. Each runner must stop at each of these points and show the number to the judge.

Interesting points from the route:

The route of our race will run through an unusual mountain, which hides the secrets of the past – Mount Zyndram. The archaeological discovery of the settlement at Mount Zyndrama indicates that it was inhabited by the population most likely arrived from around Hungary and lived there from around 1750 BC. Polish Mycenae. More details on the site
More details on website:

Cemetary on Golców mountain

Race Description

The first edition of the 100 miles run of Beskid Wyspowy will take place at the beginning of May, at a time when orchards blossom in the beautiful, picturesque areas of the Beskid Sądecki.

Part of the route will run through the “capitals of blooming orchards” – Łącko and its surroundings.