Owoc Łącki- 100 miles of Beskid Wyspowy race partner

Thanks to the producer of natural pressed juices OWOC ŁĄCKI- each runner will receive a bottle of juice in their race pack. The juices will be at every nutritional check point and in the competition office.

Juice bottles in race packs will be glass, which means they are recyclable.




The juice arises from selected, previously tested fruits and is checked at every stage of production, which guarantees that the product is always fresh, healthy and above all tasty.

The minimum product requirements specified in the AIJN Code guarantee that the product does not contain additives such as sugar, water, aroma, acid.


Protection of the durability of the product is based on one of the most proven methods, i.e. pasteurization.

The company strives to ensure that the technological treatments used in the process have a minimal impact on the health quality of the product and its taste qualities.

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