Punkty żywieniowe

We are fine tuning some details for you – but now we’re throwing you a handful of information about nutritional check points.

Warm meals will be at the check points in Łukowica ( 100 and 40 mile routes – soup), Zalesie (100mile, 40 mile-  60 mile routes – at the finish line we will provide soup ) also in Jurkow (soup with rice along with roasted apples). Coffee and tea will be at Łukowice, Zalesie, Jurkow check points ( we will make sure that you have tea in Łopien and Łętow check points). At all check points there will be: isotonic (water with honey), sweet snacks (bananas, cookies, jelly sweets, chocolate, sweet yeast rolls) and salty (bread sticks, kabanos).

We also decided to make an additional drop bag checkpoint in Jurkow – the route is long, and in Jurkow the runners on the distance of 100 and 60 miles will be there twice. You will be able to leave small drop bags there like shoes, clothing and some of your own snacks (if you like).

We remind you that in the compulsory equipment, each runner should have his own cup. There will be no disposable cups on the nutritional check points and at the finishing line !!!!


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100 miles of Beskid Wyspowy – Team

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