Race information 2022

Dear Runners

Soon we will see you during the 4th edition of the 100 miles of Beskid Wyspowy race. We have prepared a handful of the most important information for you, including important changes in several control and nutritional points.

Date and Location

The race weekend will take place on April 30 – May 1, 2022

– start of 100 miles – 30/04/2022 at 6:00 am – time limit is 38 hours

– start of 45 miles – 30/04/2022 7:00 am. – time limit is 14 hours

– start of 30 miles – 30/04/2022 8:00 am. – time limit is 10 hours

– start of 10 miles – 30/04/2022 at 9:00 am – time limit is 9 hours

– start of 14 miles- 01/05/2022 10:00 am. – time limit is 5 hours

GPX tracks available to download at: https://100milesofbeskidwyspowy.com/dystanse/

Race office, start and finish of the races: amphitheatre in Łącko:


Parking for runners is available at the Sports Hall (below the amphitheatre) or at the market square in Łąckp. Please do not drive under the amphitheatre – the place is reserved for the handling and delivery of items !!!

Race Program:

Race Office Hours:


16:00 – 21:00 verification of runners, checking of obligatory equipment


– 6:00 – 8:40 – verification of runners, checking the obligatory equipment (8:40 – closing of the race office !!!)


– 08:00 – 9:30 – verification of runners, checking mandatory equipment – for the shorter route

No registration at the ULTRA race, limited number of places for 10 and 14 miles races.

During the registration at the race office, the runner picks up the race pack individually for himself, confirming his identity with an ID card or passport and bringing a completed competitor’s card, which is ready on your b4 sport account (the account you had when registering).

Instructions for downloading the race card – https://b4sportonline.pl/users-folder/775/files/INSTRUKCJA_POBIERANIA_KARTY_ZAWODNIKA.pdf

Nutrition check points for the 100 mile route

1st check point- Cisowy Dział – 9,3 miles

2nd check point- Łukowica – 15,5 miles

3rd check point Stara Wieś – 23,6 miles

4th check point Zalesie – 30,5 miles (dropbag 1)

5th check point Łopień – 38,3 miles

6th check point Jurków – 48 miles (dropbag 2)

7th check point Łętowe – 6,4 miles

8th check point Jurków II at – 70,3 miles (dropbag 3)

  • check point before the summit of Mogielica about 75 miles

9th check point Szczawa – 79 miles

10th check point Zbludza – 89,4 miles (before the ascent on the blue trail to Modyń mountain)

11th check point Łącko – finish line

Check points in Zalesie – next to the sports equipment rental building / LKS Zalesianka

Check points in Jurków in the car park next to the presbytery

Nutrition check points for the 45 miles

1st check point- Cisowy Dział – 9,3 miles

2nd check point- Łukowica – 15,5 miles

3rd check point Stara Wieś – 23,6 miles

4th check point Zalesie – 30,5 miles

5th check point Łącko – finish

Nutrition check points for 30 miles

1st check point Cisowy Dział – 9,3 miles

2nd check point Zalesie – 15,4 miles

3rd check point Łącko- finish line

Nutrition check points for 14 miles

1st. check point Zbludza – 6,2 miles

2nd check point Łącko- finish line

Nutrition check points 10 miles

1st. check point Zbludza – 5,8 miles

2nd check point Łącko- finish line

It is obligatory to show up at all check points.

At all nutrition points there will be:

water, izo, kola, biscuits, bananas, jelly beans, snickers / mars sandwiches with cheese / vege paste,

additionally at points in Łukowica, Jurków, Zalesie (there will be hot meals + sandwiches with cheese / vege paste + coffee + tea: regular and mint)

Drop Bag

And the Zalesie bag for a distance of 100 miles (the drop bag will be transported to the finish line after the point is closed).

The second drop bag will be for a distance of 100 miles in Jurków (checkpoint 6 and 8) – baggage from the point in | Jurków will be transported to the start / finish after the closing of the point in Jurków. We will not transport bags earlier. If you leave the route and want to pick up the bag earlier, you will be able to pick it up from Jurek after showing your bib number.

The drop bags can be left from April 29, 2021 at the race office from 16:00 to 21:00. or before the start on 01/05/20201 from 5:30 (at the start there will be a person accepting drop bags).

We will not transport drop bags from Zalesie (first drop bag) to Jurków.

Each runner moves along the route designated by the organizer.

Third party help is allowed only at check / nutritional points.

The help of third parties beyond the control / feeding points may result in disqualification of the competitor.


If something happens to you and you need help from the emergency services, please call GOPR (GOPR knows the entire route – they will be short-circuited and ready in the event of an action) – tel. +48 601 100 300

Withdrawing from the race

If the runner is not able to continue the race, he reports it either at the check point or by phone to the organizer – THE CURRENT PHONE NUMBER WILL BE PRINTED ON THE STARTING NUMBER.

The organizer provides transport to the finish line for the runners from the following points: Łukowica, Jurków, Zalesia. From the remaining points, if there is no concern about the safety of health or life of the competitor, the runner must provide himself with transport to the finish line (unless he is able to wait for the point to close, then the runner will be taken by a team of volunteers). Transport to the finish line after the runner resigns from further participation in the event will take place once every 1-2 hours (these are long distances – so please take it into account).

GPX TRACKS – If, when marking the routes, 2-3 days before the run, something is wrong on the route and we have to change it – we will inform you immediately. The routes will be marked with white and red tapes and a bright green and yellow spray on the asphalt.

Each runner must have a gpx track of the race uploaded (MANDATORY ON ALL DISTANCES !!!) – we will be marking from Wednesday, and knowin life ,some tapes before the race will disappear. On some fragments, before the race, we will let people check and possibly correct something, but the event is on such a large area and so stretched in time that it may happen that even if we check some of them, after 2-3 hours “something is missing”. There were also actions on our runs maliciously changing the direction of the run, i.e. taking off correctly hung ribbons and putting them elsewhere. Stay tuned – check it with the track. If you run out of batteries, or the power bank is discharging, you can charge yourself for a while at a point in Zalesie or Jurków (there will be access to electricity).

We try to organize the run as best as possible, you know, not always everything goes great and sometimes there are problems – that’s why we ask you to be understanding and if you don’t like something, tell us. If something angers you, don’t take it out and show your frustration to the volunteers, they help voluntarily in the organization and they do it voluntarily and free of charge.

We hope that you will enjoy running, that you will be really tired and you will remember for a long time the beautiful “Beskid wyspowy mountains” that give your muscles fire!

See you at the race office in Łącko

Aga & Mike & team

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